Hear what clients are saying about their experience

Austen was able to help me reach my goals by teaching me about different foods, their effect on my body, and how simple it is to add them into your diet. We implemented small steady changes to work on every two weeks so it was a gradual build up rather than a full body shock. By implementing easy, smart, realistic, and impactful changes into my diet, I can continue it with my lifestyle."

- Danny J.

Austen is an energetic, caring coach, who is very knowledgeable about healthy eating habits. She’s also someone who listens to the individual to help them reach their goals. I would recommend her to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a male or female. Being a hard headed male, I thought I would be able to kickstart my journey on my own, and it just wasn’t happening. I’m glad I went and spoke with Austen, and I’m grateful for her support and information she shared with me over our several months together.

- Matt M.

I would recommend anyone who is struggling in their relationship with food, health, eating, etc. to work with Austen. She helped me work toward my goals in an encouraging and realistic manner. Your results will match the effort you put in to her programs. If you want to make a change, you will have to get uncomfortable and put effort into making your change.

- Ashley M.