Q & A

Where did you get your certification?

After obtaining my bachelor's degree in nutrition at Ohio State, I became a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a year long program where I was educated on over 100 dietary theories, various lifestyle coaching methods, and business principles. 

What exactly is health coaching?

Health coaching is a holistic process where a client is challenged to facilitate healthy and sustainable behavior change. This is done through goal setting and action planning, as well as nutrition and wellness education. When you work with a health coach, you're seeking more than a quick fix when it comes to diet and health. We aim to help clients create long-lasting habits that are dedicated to optimizing their wellness. 

Do you provide meal plans?

While I don't provide specific meal plans, I can provide clients with meal suggestions and recipes, nutritional guidance on various foods, as well as basic nutrition education and help you to maneuver around all the confusing information provided by the internet. While what you put into your body is important, how it makes you feel both physically and emotionally is essential.

What do you specialize in?

  I specialize in digestive wellness, nutrition education, body image, eating well on a budget, and more! My personal experiences and education have equipped me with the tools and passion to give special focus to these areas, while still touching upon other areas of wellness that you may be struggling with.


Why do I need a health coach?


People can utilize a health coach for a number of reasons. Whether you're struggling with unhealthy eating patterns, body image, need help with basic nutrition education, or just want someone to hold you accountable, I'm here to give you support and guidance to reach a place of true health and happiness. Health coaches view wellness in a very holistic way. Nutrition is important, but it can only go so far. Your relationships, career, mindset, and environment all play vital roles in your overall health